green lawn at lake anna custom buildThe biggest benefit of living right on Lake Anna is…the beautiful Lake. As a Lake Anna Builder, you know that a custom home needs to be paired with beautiful natural surroundings. Naturally, you want to keep your lawn bright green throughout the spring and summer, but you don’t want to damage the ecosystem by having pollutants go into the Lake. It is a balance of making sure your lawn is healthy and green and that the Lake stays healthy for a lifetime. Thus, we are going to look at some tips for taking care of your yard in an eco-friendly manner. These are also important things that your lawn service must be doing as part of their regular routine if you use a service instead of doing it yourself.

Fertilize Your Lawn, Not Lake Anna

The biggest pollutant to a lake is fertilizer. Follow these steps to protect Lake Anna:Lake Anna custom home builder

  • Fertilize as the need arises, don’t overdo it to compensate for failing to do it before
  • When it rains do not use fertilizer or most of it will run off into Lake Anna
  • Aerate your soil – This allows more space for  moisture and vital nutrients in the soil while helping the fertilizer not to run off in the lake.
  • Avoid Phosphorous based fertilizer

Caring For Your Lawn

It is a balancing act. You want a beautiful lawn and you want to protect the environment.  You also want to keep your grass healthy during times of drought. Good planning can help you avoid damaging to the Lake.

lake anna lawn tipsLake Anna Home And Lawn Resources

Here is a link to a great resource on caring for your lawn without destroying a local waterway. The website is Save The Bay, which is referring to the Chesapeake Bay. The theory is sound though, as there has to be conservation to keep runoff from destroying a vital waterway. Many of the techniques and principles being used to Save The Bay will apply here. This link shows some things you or your maintenance service can do to ensure a healthy lawn and a healthy lake.

lawncare link

Lake Anna Lawn Care Specialists And Providers

Here are a few lawn service providers if you choose to go with a service instead of doing it yourself. Remember to always find out the basic fertilization procedures for whomever you choose. It is always good to know what is or isn’t going into your lake.

Lake Anna Lawncare


Lakeside Lawncare Service


Another Lake Lawn Care Resource

EPA guidelines on fertilizing a lawn

this video is a bit dry but does have a few good pointers about caring for your lawn. It is sponsored by the EPA but does make a good reference resource. This particular clip focuses on fertilizing your yard and some of the pitfalls that can occur if not done right.

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