Here in Lake Anna almost everybody wants some way to access beautiful Lake Anna and surrounding areas. Usually we will build a custom dock house, custom deck or bulkhead. One thing though you can bank on is that we have experience in building docks and decks for multiple Lake Anna Properties and have done this for 29 years.

Lake Anna Dock House,Boat house and Deck gallery

This is a link to our gallery. Most of our dock houses, Boathouses and decks are designed to be functional and conservative, while not overpowering the landscape. In fact you don’t want a gaudy design because the real attraction here is your access to Lake Anna and the beautiful views of the water. However here is some of the work that we have done with decks and dock houses.

Buying A View Of Lake Anna With A House Attached

I’ve heard the joke sometimes that people bought a lake or pool that had a house attached to it. I’m not going to comment on that but I’ll be honest, there’s nothing like spending time on the lake, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, and lots lots more.

Custom gallery

Come experience Lake Anna for yourself at our Tradewinds property. I can tell you over and over again about our properties, our success, and otherwise, but experiencing it for yourself is believing.

Test Vacation at Tradewinds: Home and Deck

Nothing is going to substitute for you actually seeing touching and living in the house. I can show you a model house. But wouldn’t you rather live in one of our houses and see for yourself. The Tradewinds property will allow you both to have your own test vacation and experience this incredible deck area for yourself.

And of course test out the incredible deck

Dockhouse and Boathouse features

Check out this gallery of some different things you can do with your boat house. Naturally we have a lot of designs that work very well for vacationing families and people that live in Lake Anna all your round. But there’s some additional features if you’re interested in that we can take a look at. The descriptions of some of the things you are seeing are listed below the Pinterest gallery:

Water bench

This is just a bench built onto  the edge of your dock house. It might be the perfect option for maybe transitioning to the water or just to have your feet in the water while you sit on the dock or deck.

Wall storage

If you have any sort of equipment the wall is a fantastic area to put hooks up on so you can stay organized.

Hammock overhang

This is a little decadent but there’s nothing like a cool breeze sitting on a soft Hammock and just enjoying nature at your dock house.

Boathouse bumpers

These rubber bumpers will protect your boat from damaging the edge when you are docking.

Safety poles

These can be installed all around the dock to make sure that you have places to grab giving you three essential points of contact anytime you enter a boat or watercraft.

Dock side cradle

The dock cradle is perfect for your kayak to keep you up right as you enter the boat from your custom Lake Anna Dock.

Fish cleaning station

For the avid fisherman this cleaning station might be the perfect thing to do on the dock before you bring it up to the patio or the house.

Dock lighting

There are a number of different options to use ambience va different lighting systems.

Dog stairs

If your dog is old or small dog and likes to play in the water dog dock stairs may be a fantastic option that we can put on your custom dock house or deck.

Mini side dock

This is an auxiliary side dock that you can add to the main dock house

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