The homes we build on Lake Anna need no embellishment. Beautiful wooded Lakeside with one of a kind custom homes speak for themselves. But Plum Tree homes are all about details and one detail you do not want to overlook is lighting

Natural Lighting

Many of our designs center around the concept of natural lighting. The use of windows, skylights, and the beauty of Lake Anna are a primary design objective when we plan out and build your house. Nothing is as pristine or beautiful as natural light cascading through the trees of the Lake Anna forest, right in your backyard.

Mood Lighting

But why stop at just natural lighting. Our homes are designed to be extraordinary, with mountains of features flowing from the porch walkup to the backyard. I pulled some ideas from our mood lighting Pinterest board.

bedroom lightingLighting For Elegance and Peace

I saw this particular lighting design and had to feature it. Bright ambient light gives an almost angelic effect reflecting off the white paint. The room is nothing more than a bed, a few end tables and storage. Add in the lighting and it becomes very elegant and peaceful. This might be just the thing you need to start feeling relaxed and comfortable. Who knew white could be so interesting.


Light can do something that paint my not be able to do. It can instantly draw attention to specific points in a room. This can help guide your eyes, or guests, to the things you want them to focus on. A bookcase with lighting is a goodhome lighting example of this in action. The light pulls you right to the focal point of the memorabilia. This can be done for anything, from a painting to plants. It is only limited by your imagination.

texture lighting Lake AnnaLighting to add texture

Lighting to add texture? That sounds a little strange but I am referring to using different patterns and shading to create patterns on the wall and room giving it a different mystique. Even a lamp with a patterned shade can make a wall come alive with sophistication. Light takes a color and can bring out thousands of little shades, giving a clean cascading effect with subtle changes that create an mood. And if you do not like it, it is very easy to change.


Even in a gorgeous home change will eventually be necessary. New Furniture styles, designs and the desire to mix things up make the need to redecorate or update important. Imagine just changing some lighting to add texture or give ambience to an existing room without touching a paint brush.

More Lake Anna Home Ideas

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