Another mark of a great home builder is options and experience. Plum Tree offers endless numbers of choices and thirty years of knowing how to apply them. One of those many choices is whether to use brick and what type of brick to use.

lake anna brick homeBrick makes a great custom home choice for Lake Anna

There is nothing as majestic as brick for your permanent family custom home on beautiful Lake Anna. Here is one of the brick mansions we built by the lake, but there are lots of brick choices and options you can choose.

Lake Anna Brick Homes: More Than Meets The Eye

To the untrained eye, that beautiful custom brick house on Lake Anna is just made of “brick”. In a #custom #home there is not just one design for anything. Those bricks stacked one upon another are the product of multiple choices that come together to become someone’s dream #Lake #Anna #home.

Lake Anna Builder Options: Bricks

Naturally there are a lot of factors that you choose. The basic choices of brick are:lake_anna_brick_home_builder

  • color
  • texture
  • finish
  • mortar
  • size
  • joint design
  • pattern
  • location

Weigh The Options

Keep in mind each of the choices has additional choices making this a decision with a lot of possibilities, more than we can go over here.

Plum Tree is here to help

We are your  first call to go over options. Whether you dream of a gorgeous brick home on Lake Anna or not, we can help give you the information you need to choose what is best for you.

The Most Obvious Custom Home Brick Choice: Color

Different colors are one of the most obvious choices you can make. The look and feel of a home can be heavily influenced by the color direction you go with. The most common bricks selected are the traditional dark reddish variety. Another major choice is bricks with a lime wash giving them a white rustic finish.

And Even Your Color Selection Has Additional Choices

Say you choose “red brick”. The combination of different shades of red with mortar choices and finish makes the possibilities infinite. So here are some ways to choose that “perfect” brick color.

Picking The Brick Your Lake Anna Custom Builder Would Use

A good strategy is to use coordinating elements that complement the other. Think maybe a stone facade on part of the exterior followed by the brick color choice. This flexibility is important as even red brick will have different shades based on the clay. Another key is to look around at a lot of actual houses. See what works and what you like. It is very hard to imagine how things are going to look in a catalog or brickyard. And when you do this take your phone along and take pictures of the different houses you see for a review later

One final point, make sure to take note of the other elements around the brick when you look at other houses. Things like design and mortar will change the effect of the color. Finally think about your landscape plan when you choose the brick color as this will contrast against your house.

Lake Anna Home Builder Checklist:

So to review here is your checklist of key points when selecting brick color:

  1. Mix bricks with other exterior elements like stone for contrast.
  2. Visit lots of actual houses to see how colors look
  3. Bring that cell phone and take lots of pictures when you do
  4. Pay attention to other brick elements and their effect on the overall look of the exterior
  5. Keep your landscape plan in mind as you choose brick color