The best part of home building on lake Anna is helping people experience its natural beauty. As such I want to makelake anna custom home sure that you have a home that was designed just for you. A home that both fulfills your needs and complements the landscape. This is a lifetime investment on Lake Anna. Lake Anna is one of the most beautiful places in Virginia and it’s a centrally located to all major areas of the state. Many call it home and even more call it their home away from home as they leave the stress of Northern Virginia Richmond Charlottesville and Hampton Roads behind them

Choosing Lake Anna Custom Home Builder: First Steps

Sometimes the best thing is to start researching asking questions. Plumtree properties, 29-year-old custom Lake Anna home builder, you will find that we had totally transparent. Every home we got our bill is on display. We even read one of our custom homes to show people how incredible of Lake Anna is and the quality of the construction we do. There are no levels of faceless management the owner all the way down to the workers all communicate and work together on a daily basis.

An Educated Home Buyer Is The Best Home Buyer For Lake Anna, Virginia

At Plumtree we are totally transparent in both are methods and projects. We can show you all the homes built in the 29 years we’ve been in business. We can provide actual testimonials from the homeowners. In fact we also have a rental of one of the homes we built with our high quality standards. This rental is a great way to let people experience the home for a weekend or a week with their family to see how well built are homes are. This takes you well beyond just showing a model home. I don’t know very many builders risk putting you in an actual home they did for more than a few minutes. You just have to experience it for yourself

Lake Anna Rental HomeCheck Everything…

In fact while you are there, check everything. Look at the kitchen flooring. Look at the decking,the Dock house or anything, because we want you to see how much detail goes into one of our custom projects.

Questions to Ask Your Lake Anna Custom Builder

  1. Here some important questions to ask potential builders when you are deciding to have a home built on Lake Anna
  2. How many homes have you built?
  3. How long have you been in business?
  4. How many homes do you build each year?
  5. Do you focus on mass producing houses or very limited custom homes?
  6. Do you focus on one area or do you build over more geographical areas?
  7. Are you a luxury home builder or an economy builder?
  8. How many different designs can you offer?
  9. How long have you been building homes?
  10. Do your luxury homes offer a warranty?
  11. Do you have any testimonials or samples of work?
  12. When is your estimated time of completion for the custom home?
  13. What first steps do I need to do to start working with you?

Lake Anna builder KEY questions


These are questions that I think you should ask any builder before you build your dream home on Lake Anna.

  1. How much experience have you had building a dock house?
  2.  How much experience of you had building a bulkhead?
  3. How many homes have you built here in like Anna?
  4. Is there a property you have built that we can rent and experience your craftsmanship first hand?
  5. How do you plan to push preserve the beauty of a lot of people are going to still go to the gorgeous incredible home?