home safety lake annaSafety planning and implementation for your Lake Anna Home does not have to be hard or even expensive for you to do. You just have to set aside the time to do it. It is not a bad idea to have a planner or even a checklist to remind you of what you need to do for Fall or the other three seasons.

HVAC Inspection

  • Consider a Service plan with your heating and air conditioning company to reduce costs of unexpected problems and maintenance visits. Also, make sure you have a service plan in place when you move into your home. It is easy to overlook this step, but it is expensive to rectify. The minimum to have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned is once a year and worth every penny as you don’t want to freeze in late Fall or melt next Summer.

And On The Subject Of HVAC…Don’t Forget To Change The Filters

Changing the filters is not fun but can have a positive impact on your heating and air conditioning system. It is also something anyone can do. If you do not change your filters regularly you can damage your system among other things.

Do You Need An Energy Audit?

An ‘energy audit’ might sound like overkill but all it is just a review to see if you are wasting energy. Pipes, ducts, wires, insulation and more can become culprits letting cool or hot air escape and running up your bill. It can also potentially save you money that you do not even realize is escaping. Even if you do not get an energy audit, at least do these simple tasks to stave off energy loss which include:

  • Make sure your pipes are insulated
  • Caulk those windows if you see any cracks or damage
  • Make sure all outdoor spigots and hoses are shut off

These are not the only ones, but these are a good starting point.

Clothes-dryer-damaged-by-fireKey Safety Tasks

As always don’t forget to:

  • Check your smoke detectors
  • Have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!