As a home builder in Lake Anna sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed by how beautiful the foliage and the lake lake anna home and gardenis. While beautiful all year round, Summer represents a special time. With warm weather we spend lots of time outdoors. But you are not alone. Yard pests are also everywhere and can be a real nuisance while you are spending time outside.

Traditionally dealing with pests followed a simple formula. The traditional means to do this involved chemical pesticides designed to kill yard pests at any costs. The problem with this paradigm is pesticides aren’t terribly healthy for humans either. But there are things you can do to reduce the need for pesticides or more organic pest control methods. These are a few simple things that can really make a difference in your yard.

Here are a few simple steps for you to take. These are not cure all solutions eliminating pests altogether. These are just some habits that can reduce the impact of yard pests.

Simple Steps

Wash yard tools

I saw a really good article and I pulled out a few key things that seemed easy but could have an impact.

Watch those yard tools

Be careful to wash off your tools after working in a certain section. Failure to do so can spread weyard pestseds throughout your entire yard. It would seem counterproductive to take weeds from one section and put them in every bed. This step can save you a lot hassle in the long run.

Clear the weeds and debris

Clear the beds. Make sure your beds are free of dead or dying plants. Also make sure debris is removed. Do not give insects any place to burrow, hide or breed and a messy yard is practically an invitation.


Make sure to put a layer of thick mulch on your beds. This will help block out weeds which can attract bugs. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but it can make a huge difference to your yard.


Watch that watering. Too much watering will rot the roots of your plants. This of course will attract bugs. So watch those saturation levels.

Lots of other things you can do

These are just a few simple methods of organic pest control. There are many others but this is a great foundation to get you started. These  steps can make an impact in your yard without chemicals.