builder at lake annaOne thing you will see from a builder at Lake Anna is homes with lots of windows. The lake and surrounding foliage is too beautiful to not make a part of your daily view from any room in your new custom home. One requirement to make sure that view remains pristine is that the windows get cleaned. But as you can see our homes are built with a lot of windows. And many of those windows are very large. The large windows give you a spectacular view but it also means you have to keep the glass shiny.

automated window cleanerRobot Window Cleaner

Enter the ever growing world of home technology. In the past few years everything in a home has been fast tracked to be “smart” or infused with digital communication features or robotic abilities to do mundane work. So why not create an automated window cleaning robot. To be honest, I had never thought of this but why not. There are automated vacuum cleaners. There are automated mopping units. This is just one more robotic solution to the drudge of house cleaning. And you can have bragging rights as the first to have your own automated window cleaner.

I am not saying to fire your housekeeper or cleaning service. But even they would appreciate one less chore you have to do. Plus it is very high tech and will impress your guests that you have robotic digital window cleaners. Word to the wise, cats and this device may not mix as they might show too much interest in it and smack at it.

You can read more about the product here.

Here is a clip of this new home innovation

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