As a builder in Lake Anna we specialize in creating one of a kind home masterpieces based on what our future homeowners want. One item that often comes up is a pool. Even with the lake in everyone’s backyard, it is still nice to have a pool. Not just for swimming, but for a get together or just general family lounging. Thus with Summer swinging in to high gear I looked for a few accessories to complement the pool experience. Some of these items are just fun, some may be useful, but it is always interesting to review all the gadgets you can purchase that do things you didn’t even know you wanted or needed.

Lake Anna Pool Show

 One item I saw that is borderline tacky BUT safe are the multiple number of pool light show gadgets you can buy. Essentially these are gadgets that show multi colored lights in your pool. Naturally light will refract underwater magnifying the effect of the lights. Add color against the night sky and it looks downright interesting. No this is not essential but it might the perfect low cost addition for the Grandkids visit or your summer cocktail party. I guess this is like the summer version of all those Christmas light show gadgets you see in late November.

There are lots of companies that make these and I have seen them at Wal-Mart and Home Depot as well as on Amazon.


Poolside Waterproof speakers

Remember the days of gigantic stereo systems that you could hook up to your pool area. Or how about those obnoxious radios called boom boxes that you could bring poolside to play your favorite tunes. All that has been rendered cumbersome and obsolete by smart phones and tablets with stereo sound and wifi connectivity to download any song on Earth. But you still need some way to amplify the sound.

Well why be encumbered by water. There are speakers that can float in the water if dropped into it, play your tunes via wifi, and remain in good working order. JBL makes these hydraulic ready speakers to take any amount of submersion and still work. They really do not work well in water, but they can survive a dunk and still play music.

A Floating Pool Pool Table

If you thought a waterslide or pool volleyball was neat, why not try a water ready pool table that floats right in your pool. This over literal item adds a new dimension to the game since you are soaked, outside, and dealing with the slight movement of the water. Yet, it might be fun and a very low key way to enjoy the pool and play pool.

 Safety Water Bangles

And you know I cannot broach the subject of  of pools in Lake Anna without something that touts safety. Of all the innovations, safety is something you can never invest enough in. Thus this new water ready bracelet comes with an easily deploy-able flotation device. This is a great last line of protection for a weaker swimmer or an adult who is swimming in an area with no lifeguard. It is not designed to replace flotation devices but might be a perfect poolside companion. A few caveats:

  • This not a substitute for parental supervision, flotation devices or lifeguards
  • It is meant for a weaker adult swimmer
  • Children need poolside supervision and devices that are always in flotation state
  • It is not designed for inclement weather

I could go on and on with gadgets. If you cannot get enough just go over to Pinterest and you can see even more accessories for the pool.