Lake Anna is the perfect place for a state of the art custom home. The marriage of land with one of a kind architectural creations makes it one of the most desirable places to call home. But this is only the beginning. Not just can you customize the interior and yard with a host of exciting choices, but recent advancements in technology promise to add a new dimension of creature comforts to our daily routine in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and beyond.

Technology has entered every part of our lives. From our automobiles to our offices and homes, it is very hard to go anywhere on grid without encountering the use of digital media. One place where it is changing the landscape is in the home. A whole new host of conveniences and time saving applications have been facilitated by everything from smart network hubs to mobile applications that allow you to control appliances from…anywhere. And this is just the beginning.

One area where this new wave of technology holds the promise of better living is in the bathroom. Bathrooms themselves have gone from simple utility rooms for hygiene to miniature spas designed to help us recondition our bodies with therapeutic innovations in the shower and tub. One item that ads an exciting new dimension to the bathroom is the digital shower.

The Digital Shower

The concept of a digital shower encompasses two major components. A control unit that lets you digitally select multiple aspects of your shower experience like temperature, duration, or pulse. The other component is multiple heads, lights, and sounds that turn the mundane shower into a spa experience, very much like professional spas offer but right in the convenience of your bathroom.

The Basic Digital Shower And Simple Control System

The digital shower system integrates this controller with your water heater to produce a precise instant temperature. Even in the most basic models you will see this basic function. This in itself is a huge feature. By instantly controlling water temperature you benefit from:

  1. Enhanced safety for babies and children to make sure the water temperature is completely safe
  2. Huge water savings since you don’t waste gallons of water for your shower to heat up
  3. Less frustration trying to get the perfect temperature with a non precision controller

Advanced Digital Showers

From the simple controller to pinpoint water temperature, the sky is the limit with how elaborate these systems can become.

kohler-digital-showerMega Controllers

The controllers go from a simple 2 digit number screen to wall mounted Ipad size computers that sit on the shower wall. These control a number of exciting, indulgent features that have been installed to go beyond simple showering. This mega controller activates new built in luxuries that take you beyond the usual daily routine.

Mega Features

These features include everything from automated steam, water pressure control, precision jets positioned at every angle of the human body,mood lights, music, and more. These turn your shower experience into a number of different therapies.

custom-digital-showerSteam, Water Pressure, & Multiple Water Jets

By hand operating the touch screen of the controller you can select a number of different massage routines that variegate water pressure and water location. If you have a sore back the jets positioned to hit this area can be set for an appropriate pressure and style. This same process can be done all over the body offering things like a deep tissue massage to a more relaxing pace. And this was a service you could get at professional spas. You can now do this kind of therapy every night as part of your bath routine, in your room. And there are additional elements to enhance this relaxation.

Lights and Mood Music

You can also use the controller to create different lighting shades and color effects as well as music that fits your mood. So the therapy targets many of the senses as well as a kinesthetic impact on skin and sore muscles.

And The Future is wide open

The whole concept of a shower and a bathroom is being redefined. They are expanding and becoming more about experience than just utility.

Custom Bathroom Features For Your Lake Anna Home

The sky REALLY is the limit in terms of what you can do with your Lake Anna custom home. If you want the ultimate high tech luxury bathroom, we can make it happen. It is all based on what you want your ideal shower or bathroom experience to be. Contact us if you are looking to create the ultimate bathroom as part of your new custom dream home.