kitchen selectionChoosing Your Custom Kitchen

As a builder at Lake Anna of custom homes one of the most exciting things to do with a new home buyer is to start going over features and design options, especially in the kitchen. The kitchen is the most trafficked room of the house and is often the focal point of our homes built on Lake Anna.

Like any other critical detail the first thing you want to do starts long before you ever step foot in your home. This detail is researching and planning. By researching I mean seeing what is out there and selecting features you would like to have and of course features you have to have. This leads to planning which is the prioritizing of these kitchen attributes.

Look at different kitchens

The first thing I would do is dream. Look at endless numbers of kitchen designs and start listing out what you like. Make sure to save these as favorites and print out what really interests you. Some good places to start to do this are

kitchenAsk Family and Friends

For general web search just put in custom kitchen as the search and you should see a lot of sites come up to give you ideas. Also another great starting point is to ask friends and family what things they wish they had in their kitchen design. Hindsight is 20/20 so use it.

Visit Kitchen, Home, and Remodeling Stores

Naturally the homebuilder is building the kitchen but many times these places can inspire you with ideas and features you may not have realized existed. This process of discovery will help you start hammering out a vision for your Lake Anna kitchen.

Avoid Overwhelm

Remember you are just getting ideas. You do not have to do everything and it is ok if you do not remember everything. Just take notes, take pictures, and remember web addresses.

Talk to Us

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