Building a home on Lake Anna offers a myriad of different benefits with a Plum Tree Properties custom home. One essential that most will opt for is a custom boat house. The boat house fills so many needs and wants for Lake Anna homeowners that many people probably couldn’t imagine not having one as an access point to the lake.

Boat Houses can very simple or can be architectural marvels that become eye candy to boaters and neighboring homeowners who see them. The key in what to get is up to you and should be governed by your needs and wants. There is no one plan or set design, just your needs and lots of options.

Your Perfect Lake Anna Boathouse

Naturally an analysis of your perfect Lake Anna Boathouse should start with some key questions. Here are some questions and base suggestions for you to consider when reviewing what you want.

LakeHouse Utility

A good start is to look at the basic usage needs or utility requirements for your Lakehouse or boathouse. Here are a few basic starter questions to consider

  • Is it for just lounging?
  • Is the boathouse there to be a storage for boats or watercraft?
  • Will you use it all year round?
  • Will it be used by adults,children or both?

Once you have a basic idea, you can start hammering out some simple details.

Boat House Size

One thing is determine is how big you want yours to be. Most opt for one story or two. Here are some questions to get you thinking about what you need. These are by no means the only questions, but they are great starting points

  • Are you going to use it to dock or store boats?
  • Do you want something simple or a multi-story building?
  • Would you like to use it for recreation or just as a gateway area to the Lake?
  • Will it be used for off season storage?

paddleboat lake annaYear Round Boat House Usage

For most the boathouse will serve as a staging area for boating activities. Some will use it to sunbathe or relax. A few will use it as an actual recreational structure with things like a banana slide. These usage requirements are important since there are features you will want to add to meet these needs

Boat storage: things to consider

A great use for the Lake Anna Boathouse is as a place to store a boat, jetski or other watercraft variant. It does require more space but a ramp or boatlift might be the perfect addition to park your boat in the off season and protect it from off season wear and tear. Considering the costs of things like a jet ski or a motorboat, this option will actually save you money over the long haul.

lake anna waterslide Recreational space and activities

Here is a picture of giant banana slide on one of our boathouses. Sliding off the top deck on a steamy July day is a lot of fun for children and adults alike. It might seem silly when you are planning, but it is worth it when you are having fun

Water access

Here are a few other questions to consider.

  • Do you plan to boat all year round?
  • Do you have an off season storage plan for boats or water recreational vehicles

Sunbathing or second story sitting room

  • Do you want to have a top deck to sunbathe?
  • Would you rather have a second story sitting area that is covered to allow you to enjoy it beyond summer?

This is the starting point..

Naturally there are lot more things to consider, but these are great primer questions to think about before you meet with Plum Tree Properties. This will allow you to start visualizing what you want this project to be once completed.

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