Our Core Values

/Our Core Values


This ranks highest on our list. Trust, open and honest communication and sincere interest in our clients’ needs are our hallmarks.

We’re proud of our attention to detail, our use of quality and efficient products, and the fine workmanship we produce. But what really sets us apart from other builders is the attention that each individual home receives. We wholeheartedly believe in quality over quantity. We selectively build only a handful of homes each year because we are dedicated to investing ample time and attention to each home. A true custom-built home, tailored to your needs, requires a higher level of commitment and time on our part. We take this commitment seriously and work diligently to get everything right. Our reputation depends on it.

It takes a lot of time to tackle tough issues, but one-on-one customer service and personal attention is what we provide. Our experience has taught us that a conscientious investment of ample time into each home makes the difference. It allows for a well-thought out plan to evolve which takes the greatest advantage of entities such as the layout of the floor plan and the uniqueness of the site. We look forward to presenting and incorporating new and innovative ideas based on the latest technologies.

Open communication is an integral part of the building process. The staff at Plum Tree Properties is available, accessible and approachable, listening to what you want and tailoring the floor plan you desire into a solid home you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether your tastes are elegant and rich or contemporary and refined, Plum Tree Properties will do everything we can to bring the house of your dreams into reality.

Everyone wants a stable, financially-sound company that will be here tomorrow. You may have had a friend or acquaintance who built a home only to find that the builder was nowhere to be found a year down the road. At Plum Tree Properties, we are proud of our Louisa roots and plan to be a part of the community for years to come. With this in mind, we have set a high standard for ourselves with regard to commitment to our product, customer service and our level of professionalism.

You may have noticed our frequent use of the word commitment. We take this word seriously. We are committed to your home, before, during and after construction is complete. We intend to stay a part of the community for years to come and so the quality of our homes is equally as important as our clients’ satisfaction with them. We are committed to doing the little things that make a house your home.