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More questions to ask the builder at Lake Anna

Say new home and people’s faces light right up. But if you say home builder you get mixed emotions. Everyone wants the home builder that has done multiple masterpieces. By masterpieces I mean custom homes that are well built and gorgeous, some would say breathtaking. If they think of that builder it evokes a smile.

But if they think about the Angie’s List fugitive, you know the one who does spotty work, took the money and ran, was difficult, and still hasn’t completed the job there is a different response. In that case there is no happy thought reflected in the home buyer’s face.

So how do you know the difference between one builder and another? Well the first thing you do is arm yourself with builder questions that can get you critical information. This is a good first step. I previously listed builder questions on our builder blog but here are additional questions and tips:

builderShow me the money,…well the houses

Here are builder at Lake Anna Key questions to ask your builder when planning your home. Naturally one key to a great custom home is making sure you know the builder at Lake Anna very well.

We originally came up with a List of questions to ask your Lake Anna Home builder. Here are more questions to help you

  • Can I see multiple references that have used you?
  • Can I see a home you built 5 years ago?
  • Can I see a home you built?
  • Can I see the properties of your references?
  • Can I take a tour of multiple sites you have worked on?

Reference Questions to Ask Builder Customers

Make sure the questions are directed toward verified home owners of the builder’s work. Simply put, how much of a reputation does the builder have in the area you are looking. That being said here are key questions to start when reviewing builder or contractor references.

  • How long have you been in the home?
  • How old is the home?
  • Have there been any problems?
  • Did the builder complete the home on-time?
  • Did the builder at Lake Anna stay within budget?
  • Was the home builder easy to work with?
  • Did the final product exceed expectations?
  • Did the builder make any mistakes?
  • Is the specified home what you thought?
  • Was the builder professional ?
  • Would you use this Lake Anna builder again?

Make sure you get to see multiple job sites. Try to arrange to speak to the homeowners and ask these questions listed above. And follow your instinct. You are collecting data which is good but if you sense something is not right, do not ignore it. Always take pictures and make notes.

Hindsight is 20/20 questions

Leveraging questions from previous home builder customers

These are builder or custom home builder questions focused more on what homeowners wish they had asked for. These are not mistakes by the builder or home builder. These are just things that you will probably want, that the reference homeowners did not think to ask for

These are asked to the homeowner references which have used the builder and home contractor in the past

  • Is there anything indoors you wish you had asked for?
  • Is there anything in the yard, you wished you had asked or?
  • Are there any features that are just unnecessary?
  • Do you have enough space or want more?
    Are there any rooms or features you use in surprising ways you did not expect?
  • Do you like the physical location of the house?

If possible ask to take a tour of the current home and let them show you specifically what they are talking about

Start of your relationship with the builder

Remember these are questions to help start the relationship with the builder. There are other important areas that need to be addressed as we move forward.